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MOTOWORKS 90CC DIRT TRAIL PIT MOTOR 2 wheels Electric Start Semi Auto BIKE GREEN 727113150827

MOTOWORKS 90CC DIRT TRAIL PIT MOTOR 2 wheels Electric Start Semi Auto BIKE GREEN 727113150827

MOTOWORKS 90CC DIRT TRAIL PIT MOTOR 2 wheels Electric Start Semi Auto BIKE GREEN 727113150827

New 2019 Design from Motoworks 90CC MOTOWORKS DIRT BIKE     * NEW 2019 UPDATE - LATEST DESIGN!! Genuine 90CC High Performance Engine (4 Speed Auto Clutch) * UPSIDE DOWN FRONT SUSPENSION FORKS! * Dual HYDRAULIC DISC BRAKES * Triple Suspension System * Safety Chain Guard LIMITED STOCK~!!!

   - Bike Color   - Gears
You are bidding on a GREEN bike

For other colored bikes, please check out our store

This is a 4 Speed Auto Clutch/Semi auto

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 - Product Specifications


All of our bikes are inspected and tested prior to packaging. All items in our auction have the Vehicle Import Approval of the Australian Government Department of Transport and Regional Services .

Approval: 83292/50 on 09 December 2010  


Starting Method

Ignition Mode Fuel Tank Capacity Fuel Transmission Engine Oil Capacity Max Power Drive System Throttle Control Front Brakes Rear Brakes

Maximum Speed Maximum Load

Wheel Size

Rider Capacity Dimensions (L x W x H) Weight
90cc 4 stroke air cooled COMPRESSION 9:1 CLUTCH: Heavy Duty Wet Multi-plate  SPECIAL FEATURES    - Genuine 90cc High Performance 4 Stroke engine [runs straight unleaded petrol]    - 4 speed with twist throttle for easy control

 - Electric & Manual Kick Start

 - UPSIDE-DOWN FRONT SUSPENSION FORKS    - Full STEEL Frame    - Fast and effective button kill switch to turn off engine    - Hydraulic Drilled Disc Brakes (Front and rear)    - TRIPLE SUSPENSION SYSTEM - rear and dual front    - Mudguard (Front)    - Built in stand  - Black colored rims

 - Chain Guard


Kick Start & Electric Start
Unleaded Petrol
4 Speed Auto Clutch/Semi Auto
7kw @ 9000RPM
Motorcycle Twist Throttle
Hydraulic Drilled Disc Brake
Hydraulic Drilled Disc Brake
80km/hr (depending terrain surface) 95kg
10.0" x 3.00" (R) 12.0" x 2.75" (F)
1 person
BIKE: 140 x 85 x 70 (cm) BOX : 120 x 36 x 63 (cm) Seat Height : 60cm
Gross: 62kg Net: 54kg

Bike requires minor assembly. This includes the handlebars and the wheels. Set up times may vary.

 - Shipping Information

IMPORTANT! Please read before bidding!!

Motoworks Australia ships all their products the following day after payment confirmation. This ensures that you will receive your purchase as soon as possible without any unnecessary delays. Please provide the following to ensure that you receive your bike as quickly and smoothly as possible: 1. RESIDENTIAL ADDRESS     - We CANNOT accept PO BOX's. Residential addresses only for delivery 2. CONTACTABLE PHONE NUMBER     - (Mobile perferably) - We CANNOT and WILL NOT ship your item out unless we have a contactable phone number for       delivery. This is MANDATORY! 3. HELPING WITH DELIVERY     - To keep us supplying you the cheapest delivery rates, we require a person to help the with the delivery of the bike as it      requires two people to move the package off the truck and into the garage/house. It is not overly heavy, so all that is      needed is an adult to help. Thank you

4. Insurance $25 Required ( this will cover the cost of damaged or lost of item during delivery ).

Please find your postage in the below table.

VIC Zone1 3000-3088,3090,3093-3095,3101-3138,3141-3153,3155-3158,3161-3207,3752,3800-3805,3976 $90.00
VIC Zone2 3089,3091,3096-3099,3139-3140,3154,3159-3160,3211-3221,3335-3341,3427-3433,3437-3442,3750-3751,


VIC Zone3 3222-3334,3342-3424,3434-3435,3444-3749,3756,3756,3818-3926,3941-3971,3978-3996 $190.00
NSW ACT Zone1 2000-2234,2745-2756,2890-2891,2555-2570,2759-2770 $145.00
NSW ACT Zone2 2316,2318,2322,2250-2308,2500-2530,2571-2574,2600-2620,2900-2914 $199.00
NSW ACT Zone3 2309-2315,2317,2319-2321,2323-2370,2379-2388,2404,2415-2466,2533-2546,2575-2631,


NSW ACT Zone4 2846,2898-2899,2371-2372,2390-2403,2405-2411,2469-2490,2548-2551,2632-2739,


QLD Zone1 4000-4179,4205-4207,4222,4300-4305,4500-4503,4505 $189.00
QLD Zone2 4208-4221,4223-4287,4306-4347,4504,4506-4514,4516-4569,4572-4575 $239.00
QLD Zone3 4183-4184,4350-4388,4400-4425,4515,4570-4571,4580-4670 $319.00
QLD Zone4 4390,4426-4498,4671-4895 $379.00
SA Zone1 5000-5049,5052-5115,5117-5118,5121-5127,5158-5168,5800-5950 $145.00
SA Zone2 5050-5051,5116,5120,5131-5157,5169-5261,5263-5264,5277,5280,5351-5381,5412,5417,


SA Zone3 5262,5265-5276,5278-5279,5290-5350,5400-5411,5413-5416,5418-5451,5454-5455,5464,


WA Zone1 6000-6021,6023-6029,6034,6036-6037,6050-6066,6090-6111,6147-6160,6162-6164,6166 $230.00
WA Zone2 6022,6030-6033,6035,6038-6043,6067-6084,6112-6126,6161,6165,6167-6211,6214-6215,


WA Zone3 6044,6213,6218,6229,6232,6239-6262,6281-6290,6316-6343,6350-6386,6418-6419,6460,


WA Zone4 6346-6348,6420-6452,6532-6537,6612-6799 $439.00
TAS Zone1 7000-7310 $289.00
TAS Zone2 7315-7470 $339.00
NT Zone1 0870-0872 $339.00
NT Zone2 0800-0831,0836,0846,0850-0853,0860-0861 $389.00
NT Zone3 0832-0835,0837,0847,0854,0862 $439.00
N/A Zone 0880-0881,0885-0886,5220-5223 ***** PLEASE CONTACT US ON 03 9357 5133 ***** N/A

 - Payment Options

Payment must be made within 3 days of winning the auction Negative feedback and follow up with will result for non-paying bidders and your account referred to for suspension/cancellation By bidding an item on , you are entering a legal contract to purchase the item you bided on and abiding any of Motoworks Australia's terms and conditions. Please bid carefully. For serious buyers only  

Pick up from our warehouse available. Full payment is to be received on pick up. If  you will be making a bank transfer or direct  deposit payment you MUST contact us to confirm that we have received  your payment prior to picking up. Some bank may take longer than 2 days, so make sure you contact us for confirmation that your payment is  cleared into our account, otherwise your item may not be released.

Other Payment Options on pick up;

Payment can be made over the  counter (Cash, Eftpos, MasterCard / Visa)  


Bank Deposit

Money Order

National BANK Australia Motoworks Australia P/L BSB: 083004 ACCOUNT: 935298906 REMEMBER  - To Leave your ID for easy confirmation of your payment

Please send money order to: Motoworks Australia 18B Humeside Drive Campbellfield , VIC, 3061  



Our pickup address is: Motoworks Australia 18B Humeside Drive Campbellfield , VIC, 3061 Melway Page 7 H5 Please call to arrange a time for pickup Please bring payment & PRINT OUT of your INVOICE for pickups.

NOTE: $30 Handling fee applies to EACH bike picked up

Thanks for your understanding ! ! !

Opening Hours: Mon - Fri : 9:30am - 5:00pm Sat : 10:00am - 2pm Sun : CLOSED  



 - Quality

   - Contact Us

Many sellers on use cheap, no brand replicated engines. Motoworks Australia provides you the buyer the best of bikes and the parts to go with them. All of our bikes have ISO9002 CERTIFICATION and CE COMPLIANCE and are inspected during, and prior to packaging. All items in our auction have the Vehicle Import Approval of the Australian Government Department of Transport and Regional Services . Not many other sellers can boast achievement this as their parts and bikes are most likely sourced from cheap and small companies in remote parts of China


Direct contact with Motoworks Australia is available through email:

Motoworks Australia Contact Information


Opening Hours

Mon - Fri : 9:30am - 5:00pm Sat : 10:00am - 2pm Sun : CLOSED  


Motoworks Australia 18B Humeside Drive Campbellfield , VIC, 3061 Melway Page 7 H5  


 - Warranty Policy

At Motoworks Australia we extend a 30 days parts  manufacturers warranty from date of delivery. Shipping and Labour are at the purchaser's expense. Warranty applies only to bike parts which are faulty or defected due to the manufacturer. Warranty is applicable for thirty (30) days from date of delivery. Condition of this warranty states that the bike must be properly assembled and checked thoroughly before riding. Our warranty does not replace parts which are consumable or expendable such as globes, fuses, chains, tyres, battery and tires unless they were faulty initially. Warranty also does NOT cover wear and tear or damage due to mishandling, misuse, accidents, neglect or intentional damage caused by the user or by any other event.   In the event of claiming parts under warranty, please send the faulty part back to our warehouse and we will ship a replacement free of charge. Upon sale, the purchaser takes full responsibility for the condition, state and quality of repair. These bikes need to be maintained to the same level as a motor vehicle. We are not responsible for any issues arriving from improper maintenance.  We do not accept exchanges or refunds in whatever circumstances.   We will not be held liable for & warranty is voided if engine is not run in properly and faults occur due to this   We are a Platinum Powerseller, the highest possible rank of Powerseller on possible. Bid with confidence and rest-assurance!


 - Disclaimer

By bidding on this item, the user/purchaser is waiving the the seller any responsibility for any damage or injury incurred as a result of riding the pocket bike or otherwise. We are under no circumstances liable for any injuries or harm caused a result of using the bike, improperly or otherwise. Parent supervision is mandatory when the rider is a child. Helmets are to be worn by the rider during all times when riding these vehicles. It is the user's sole responsibility to ensure that the bike has been configured safe and thoroughly check before riding. In addition, we are not liable in any circumstances if the auction description is incorrect. Although care is taken, any errors or omissions in the product details are unintentional and not subject to liability. Please be aware of this before you bid.   * Copyright 2005-2019 Motoworks Australia. All rights reserved. No duplication of any part of this page or pictures is allowed without approval from Motoworks Australia


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