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Solid 925 Sterling Silver Hoop Sleepers Earrings: 5 sizes! Made in Australia!

Solid 925 Sterling Silver Hoop Sleepers Earrings: 5 sizes! Made in Australia!

Solid 925 Sterling Silver Hoop Sleepers Earrings: 5 sizes!  Made in Australia!

925 Solid Sterling Silver Sleepers (Endless Hoops) 

Pull Open / Click Close

1 pair (2 hoops) = $9.50

Single hoop = $5

·       Genuine 100% solid 925 sterling silver (low irritant precious metal - suitable for sensitive, sore or infected ears)

·       Hinged clasp (easy to put in and take out)

·       1mm / 18 gauge

·       Made in Australia (I deal directly with the Australian manufacturer)

·       Brand new in sealed packaging

·       Unconditional guarantee! (With your choice of exchange or money back)

Also available in twist and facet patterns, as well as gold - see my other listings

5 sizes available:

·       8mm diameter  MINI (very small ) ** 

·       10mm diameter SMALL (smaller than "normal")

·       13mm diameter MEDIUM ("normal" size)

·       16mm diameter LARGE (larger than "normal")

·       18mm diameter X-LARGE (larger)

If you want a single sleeper, please ensure I have stock of that size before buying SINGLE sleepers - if it says "out of stock" for the pairs, it's likely I'm also out of stock of singles in that size (but not always).  You can always send me a message to check :-)  If you require 2 (or more) different sizes of single sleepers, the single price applies for each, as the sleepers come prepackaged in pairs from the manufacturer and I have to repackage them.

** Although 8mm is my most popular size, some buyers have let me know that they can be hard to open and close.  This is because they are so small.  My tip is to get a child to help you!  (My 10 year old is very adept at it!) 

Notes about Sizing

The 5 most popular sizes in sleeper hoop earrings are sold either as 8mm, 12mm, 14mm, 16mm and 18mm OR 8mm, 10mm, 13mm, 16mm and 18mm.  Obviously, this can be confusing.  When I posed this query to the manufacturer, this is their response:

"Mini - @ 8mmSmall - @ 10mm (some people choose to order this as 12mm but it is @ 10mm)Medium - @ 13mm (again, some people choose to order this as 14mm)Large - @ 16mmX-Large - @ 18mm"

8mm is the smallest size available.  Again, to quote the manufacturer:"The 8mm sleepers are our smallest size (they are ridiculously hard to manufacture and anything smaller is virtually impossible!)"

Fast post!

I endeavour to post within business 1 day of payment clearing (up to 3 business days (but usually 1) for overseas purchases).

All sizes are the same price!

Note: The 13mm sleepers are shown in the main photo. The sleepers are all are identical except for the difference in sizes.

Note: The sizes are as provided by the manufacturer.  The diameter is measured directly across the middle of the sleeper.

Note: 1 pair means 2 hoops.  Single means 1 hoop.


Beware of "sleepers" that are not both hinged and do not form one continuous hoop of the same thickness when closed.  The non-endless style of sleepers/hoops are generally really hard to close: With those, you have to push a thinner wire through your lobe and try to line it up with the small hole on the back of the hoop – often a 2-person job unless you have excellent eyesight and are agile!  Also, they are generally hollow, not solid.  Proper sleepers readily "line up" and are easy to "click" closed.  Proper, traditional sleepers do not have a "wire" or "thinner" part that needs to be placed through the ear.   If there is a "wire" or "thinner" part of a sleeper, it is NOT a proper traditional hinged sleeper.  To avoid disappointment, if in doubt, zoom in as close as you can to the seller’s photos to ensure that they are not the “wrong” type of hoops.


These sleepers have different types of packaging including All Day and Segovia.  They are the same sleepers, made by the same Australian business in the same factory - the only difference is the brand name on the little cardboard card that comes packaged with the sleepers.  If for some reason you prefer one brand over the other (even though it's the same product), please contact me before buying to ensure I have that brand in stock.


Free regular post within Australia.  There are also trackable Registered Post and Express Post options available.  (If your item hasn't arrived within 7 business days - please let me know.)

Sorry, I do not post overseas.

I do not do click and collect because they lose so many items (more than just Australia Post alone) as it involves both Australia Post and the store you want to collect your item from.  

I'm always happy to combine purchases!

Note: This item is sent as a  letter, not a parcel, so is unable to be posted to Australia Post parcel lockers.  Australia Post will not accept the item if addressed to a parcel locker and will, eventually, return it to me. :(

Note:  It is Australia Post policy that business addresses must show a business name.  Australia Post are starting to enforce this policy and mail incorrectly addressed (ie with a name and address, but no business name) is being returned by Australia Post marked "Unknown".  This obviously delays the buyer getting the item through no fault of mine.  Please note if your delivery address is a business address but you don't state a business name, Australia Post may well send it back to me - but this can take up to 5 weeks.  So, please, ensure you include a business name if it is a business address (or any address other than normal residential premises).  

Unfortunately, I do not have special psychic powers that tell me whether or not your item arrived safely.  Unless I hear differently, I can only assume it did.  If your item hasn't arrived within 7 business days (in Australia), it has been lost or misdelivered by Australia Post (or other postal provider) - in which case please let me know so I can resolve.  Notifying me via feedback - "Item never arrived" - is unhelpful and unfairly takes away the opportunity for me to rectify the situation to your satisfaction.  Communication is the key!  :)


There is an unconditional guarantee on items that are faulty or not as described.  If you have ordered the wrong size, YES, you can swap for another size!  Just please ensure that the sleepers are returned unworn, in their original, unopened packaging.  If there is a fault or problem with the sleepers, it doesn't matter if you have torn or thrown away the wrapping - there are no loopholes for returning items!  If you have any issues whatsoever, please contact me and I will do my very best to resolve the issue to your satisfaction.


I work really hard to ensure that my customers are happy.  Repeat buyers rock!  But, if for some reason I have disappointed you in the transaction in any way, PLEASE contact me to resolve.  I can’t tell you how incredibly frustrating it is to receive negative feedback from a customer along the lines of “Item never arrived”, without first contacting me or giving me the chance in any way to rectify the situation.  Australia Post does lose items and does also misdeliver items to the wrong address.  Unfortunately, once I have posted the item, I lose control of it and rely solely on Australia Post to correctly and promptly deliver the item.  Items are posted from Brisbane, Queensland.  Please let me know if you haven’t received your item within 7 days for Australian buyers and a month for overseas buyers.  If it takes much longer than that, it’s probably lost in the post and you need to let me know as my psychic bone is broken! :-)


Simply contact me and I'll do my best to answer any questions you may have. I check my emails frequently, so a prompt response is guaranteed.

Please check out my other items!



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